Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

If you’re interested in online gambling and casinos, chances are affiliate marketing is a great fit for you. One of the reasons so many publishers prefer affiliate marketing is it properly rewards them for the work they put into building a great blog or website. With banner or PPC advertising, publishers may only receive a few cents for the clicks they generate. But with affiliate marketing, they can earn £xx-£xxx for every new customer they refer to a business.

Another reason affiliate marketing is so popular among online publishers is it puts them in control. Since most PPC advertising is dominated by a few large networks, if those networks don’t want to participate in industries such as gambling, there’s really nothing that publishers can do. However, thanks to the independent nature of affiliate marketing, publishers who choose it as their monetization strategy don’t have to worry about getting stuck without any viable options.

Because online gambling is so competitive, casinos and poker sites truly value quality publishers who are able to drive new customers. If a publisher ever feels they’re not being treated fairly by a casino or poker site, they can easily maintain or even increase their current revenue by switching to a different gambling affiliate program.

Thanks to the earning potential and flexibility affiliate marketing offers, it’s easy to see why it has grown into a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for publishers around the world!

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