About Us

TGA are a team of gambling industry experts with knowledge and expertise in casino, poker, bingo, betting and sports. We started our business offline when online gaming was only a pipe dream. Our passion was helping people to succeed by providing honest advice, reliable strategies and trustworthy information. We hit the online scene over 20 years ago and since then haven’t looked back. We share our tips, advice and strategies for free so that you can be part of our business. The best thing is; we only list the best gambling affiliate programs. So you can be sure you are working with the best in the business for trust, reliability, security and revenue.

Not Your Average ‘Money-Maker’

Not AverageWe are not just another fly-by-night firm who promise the earth and delivers nothing. We are not another get rich quick scheme or money making gold-mine. We are an experienced team of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals with a background in all aspects of gambling, whose sole purpose is to help you earn genuine money, while earning some ourselves in the process.

Our Mission and Vision

Our MissionOur sole mission is to help people make money online. We’re not saying it is easy, especially for inexperienced users, but with the right advice and approach; it can be a lot easier than you think. We know this because we have started at the bottom and worked our way up. We aren’t just passing on information from third parties, we are speaking from experience. So the advice you will find on our site is straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak.

Passion for Online Gambling

Gambling PassionWe are gambling and sports experts who enjoy a flutter, but most of all love making money. Profit from an online business is not for everyone, but for the like minded, it is what keeps us going. It’s what makes us work late at the office, or stay up late at night, skip meals or hold that toilet break in until you are near bursting point. All similar qualities that we ourselves have experienced.


IndependentTGA are completely independent of commercial companies and are not influenced by any outside party. We write our own reviews, information and strategies based on experience, and strive to take this approach forward in the future. Our reviews and ratings are entirely our own opinions and because we base these on experience over a period of 20 years we know how to make a sound judgement on advising others to follow in our foot steps.

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