Affiliate Marketing Tips

We often get asked for ways to earn money as an affiliate or the best techniques for maximising profits. So we have compiled this quick tip guide that will help you increase your earnings.

Niche Speciality:

This is one of the trickiest issues in online marketing when you aren’t too familiar with the industry. Finding the right niche is a task in itself but with the right approach and research, once the initial part is done, you can get on with earning some serious cash. The first thing to do is to focus on your strengths: What industry, sector, or niche do you have most knowledge in? Use this to your advantage. If you’re ‘thing’ is rugby, then set up a website, blog or forum on rugby. If you are more in to casino games such as roulette, then a rugby website probably wouldn’t go far with you, so set up a site related to roulette. The main thing to note here is that the industry is flooded and saturated with thousands of others out there trying to earn money like you. So be smart in your approach and get your money-making-potential off to the best start.

Become A Master in Your Niche:

Following on from the previous point titled ‘Niche Speciality’; we focus on what it takes to maximise your potential as an affiliate: Once you have chosen your niche, research, research, research! Become the best you possibly can in terms of knowledge and expertise. You may think you already know everything seeing as it is a ‘specialist’ subject, but believe me; there is always someone out there who will know more. The best frame of mind to get yourself in to is set aside some time every day, whether it’s an hour or two, and try to find something about your subject that you didn’t already know. Do this for about two weeks and feel the progression of your mindset. Once you have all of the knowledge you need, you can then utilise this in your projects to think, live and breathe like your potential customer referrals.

Focus on Relevancy:

Make sure you pick and choose your marketing materials wisely. Ensure you are keeping the adverts or banners relevant to the content you are displaying. For example, a banner advertising rugby products on a rugby forum are much more likely to attract referrals and convert customers than a kids clothing advert on a rugby site.

Be Prepared to Invest Time:

Whether you have a website, blog, forum or social media page; always be prepared to invest time so that you can ensure the project you are working on has 3 core foundations that you can build on as you grow. The first point is to ensure your site has useful and informative content that is interesting. The second point is to spread the word about your site to other webmasters and incorporate this in your SEO efforts. This doesn’t mean use dirty blackhat tactics, but keep it ethical and ensure you have good on-page optimisation. The third and final point is to keep your site up to date with new and interesting content. This will allow your site to open the doors to as many opportunities to gain visitors and keeps it on the forefront. You can utilise methods such as, industry related news, memes, photos, funny pics, hot topics and confrontational subjects that you blog about.

Affiliate Project Ideas:

Whether you are starting out fresh, or expanding on your current setup; there are a number of ways that you can promote brands as an affiliate. All of the methods we recommend can either act as an add-on to a website or be part of an entire website setup:

  • Review Websites & Guides:
    There are hundreds of review websites out there providing comparison tables, advice, tips and reviews. Although this niche is pretty saturated, very few do it well. Keep it simple, keep it honest and allow open discussion and you will soon separate the good from the bad as the smaller dishonest guides phase away. An example of this would be to have a poker review website where you can review different poker rooms online and provide ratings out of 10 to advise customers where the best place to play is.
  • Forums:
    One of the easiest ways a site can expand and grow naturally with little work is to install and run a forum. Even in today’s fast moving world of social media, a forum is one thing is never going to be phased out by Twitter or Facebook. An industry-niche related forum is a great way to build web pages with little effort and is great for pulling in external links from other similar sources. Forums are usually free to use and allow open discussion where the webmaster is not always involved.
  • Blogs:
    A blog is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your website as an add-on or can be solely run as the website itself. It offers an easy-to-maintain method of keeping the content fresh and interesting.
  • Social media pages:
    It’s amazing just how fast social media has risen in the ranks of internet usage over the past 6 years. Affiliates now run social media pages such as Facebook pages, Google+ pages or Twitter profiles to drive traffic and referrals either directly or to their own website. An example of social media usage in gambling is to have a twitter profile that provides free betting tips and advice on a particular sport and incorporate betting offers and deals for new players. Another example of social media usage is to have a Facebook page that offers the best no deposit bonuses in bingo for new and existing players with ratings and real-player feedback and comments.
  • Games websites:
    Most affiliate programs offer some very clever marketing material, especially in the casino industry. Examples of this material may be game demos of slot machines or roulette and table games that you can incorporate in to your website for free. The customer gets to play the game for free for a short period of time without risking any money, with the option later to play for real cash and sign up. A very exciting way to attract referrals in the gambling game.

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